China – Evertesting Times…

Today we drove to Everest.

We had no idea what a long day it would be when we turned off the main road onto the national park’s dirt track. 100km was about to take us approximately 10 hours. Bump after bump after back breaking bump. These roads were not designed for 24 tonne trucks and I was very jealous of the numerous Land Cruisers that tore past us.

That said at least we made it. We passed 3 Cruisers that had been energetically driven to destruction, broken axles the common theme. As with decorating and love making slow and steady wins the race!

If you pay attention to the road, following the tracks of those who have been before, remember to guide the “vehiculo luongo” with a steady hand, using broad stokes all will be well and you will summit eventually. Ahem.

On the way we stopped for “postcard” views of Everest from afar. These pics are as good as any taken this day. Apparently you are very, very lucky to get a cloud free day so I’ve taken the liberty of using CGI to show t’ big hill for you.

After base camp 2 it was getting late and folk were getting tired and grumpy. The simple question asking if we wanted to pay for our own take away grub now or eat for free off the truck about midnight led to a half hour near 39 way debate… Good Grief.

I left them to it and went to my big bag and monstered a load of Alpen bars.

We drove for an hour or so in the dark and then camped up in a thunderstorm by a river. It was the longest day so far. But a good one if you walked away from the unnecessary altitude induced arguments, pitched your own tent (rather than slept on the truck) and plugged in the noise isolating headphones as often as possible!

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