China – Dico’s….

A great change to ‘Death By Noodle’ – which is about all we can find for lunch on drive days is Dico’s (

Imagine a below par KFC with no Twisters. This fast food joint crops up in towns of 80,000 people or more…i.e. the ones we stop at every few days inbetween 1 horse towns and bush camps. Turns out China is a BIG place.

I’ve settled on the reformed chicken shapes and chips. Mmmm, delicious!

I’m still struggling to get back into poultry after our guide monstered a bag of pickled chicks-feet in front of me, but since it’s this or yet more noodles I have no choice.

As an aside – you can save time when ordering noodles if you modify the word to hint at the flavour you want…

For plain, ask for noodles.
For beef, ask for moodles
For “Exotic”, ask for poodles, etc

Any other suggestions?

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  1. Stuart

    For a really big portion which both satisfies and pleasures the soul, ask for a generous helping of Stu-dles….

  2. Mum

    Am I the only one who looked up and was disappointed I couldn’t see the menu in English?

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