China – Blog Order…

Just to say that all the upcoming updates are in the right order if a couple of weeks late due to lack of wifi access in Tibet. They have bloody loads of yaks but almost no WLAN! What’s that all about?!

Anyways, as I type this, it is the 31st July and I’m on my way to Xi’an to catch an overnight train to Beijing.

It’s the Sonisphere weekend and so my thoughts are with Metal Ash and Other Chris as they get ready to eat breakfast burritos, throw their horns up and drink oversized cans of Monster energy drink, lager and Jäger-bombs. Enjoy it gentlemen. I wish I was there and will be next year, no doubt when they announce Busted as main headline.

I’m having a headphone based metal fest myself in your honour. So I’m getting ready to ‘clench the fists of dissent’ thinking about ‘wasted years’ but still having ‘the best of times’. One point for each artist!


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