China – Birdsnest Fail…

“See you guys back at the hostel, I really want to pop to the Birdsnest stadium for a quick looksy at night.”

No one else wanted to go.

Pop? No.
Quick look? No.
45 min subway journey? Yes.
Arrive after it closed? Yes.
Missed last train? Yes.
Zero taxis? Yes?

Oops. Still I saw the stadium (in darkness) although they had finished the light show. A helpful man at the subway station told me which tube lines were still running. A quick ride in an unlicensed taxi and I was onboard again and on my way to a station just a 30 mins walk from the hostel.

Fail. But technically, just about – I have seen it. As the pic on my cruddy iPhone camera shows you’d be better off looking on Wiki for it!

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  1. magic

    love your determination!!!!!!

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