Cambodia – Angkor Wat…

Another IOB (Important Old Building), or rather collection of them. This one however was worth every moment and every cent of the whopping $20 entry fee. For reference $20 buys 40 beers.

I decided to do this one alone. Just wanted a bit of space from the group, and I also wanted to walk to and from it. I didn’t realise I’d end up walking about 20km in the baking sun. Oops.

I set off at 0730 and when I got to the place where you buy tickets at about 0900 was told they’d moved it 3km down the road. Never mind the helpful lady summoned a policeman on a moped and he (for $3) took me there and back. A helmetless ride on a coppers clapped out moped was pretty cool until he stopped to put additional air in his back tyre. Imagine if he’d met full fat Chris, he’d have had to send for a side-car.

Anyways – into the first temple – Angkor Wat. Stunning in both size and beauty I can see why it is considered as a candidate for 8th wonder of the world.

Beautiful as it was my mind kept wandering to Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider. A lot of the first film was shot here. I don’t remember the plot of that movie. I do remember a shower sequence, a pair of shorts, a Land Rover and some McGuffin about a lost treasure. Anyway, these are the tombs she raided.

Couple of points on the film now I think about it:

– if she ran around here like that in RL (real life) she would have twisted her ankle. No doubt. She should have been more careful.

– she would have worn a plastic rain poncho. It pi$$ed it down.

Moving on. Why are people such bad photographers? Being on my own I had to rely on others for snaps of me in situ.

Firstly – this beauty where a fat fingered Aussie ruined an otherwise decent shot.

Second – no photo. A local fella, seeing my hat and assuming I was Indy asked for a pic with his kid. I said ok so long as his mate took one with my camera as well. He held my camera up and said “snap” and I didn’t realise until later he hadn’t pressed the button!


Next : Angkor Thom offered more of the same. Impressive, massive, old.

What bad luck though, both open everyday since the 12th century – and they have the scaffold out when I get there. Typical.

Other Pics:


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