Budapest in the rain.

Could have been a classic day if rain had played a smaller role. As it was, drizzle ruled in the city in the same way dribble rules here.

Nicknames progressing. We now have “the back cracker” for big Rich who helped me out. He’s shred twice my weight in half the time. Medical marval. Don’t get the wrong idea though, this isn’t fat camp. Skinny people exist and make ideal companions on the long drives.

Got ripped off. Needed new shorts. My trusted 38″ Timberland no longer fit. North Face v expensive in Hungary.

Romania today. 2 days of bush camping and no internet. Wet Ones strategically placed in all significant pockets.


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  1. Mum

    Trying to be helpful..translation of ‘cheap shorts’ for your next 2 countries. Not sure about the pronunciation!

    شلوارک ارزان

    सस्ते शॉर्ट्स

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