Mega-Bored Of Waiting.

I’m ready for the off.

I finished work on New Years eve and am bored of waiting for the 6th of April. Sure, I’m using the time to get fit(ish) but crikey it’s dragging with no “proper” work to fill the days. My dad had me shovelling $hit at his allotment the other day. It’s just not the same as sipping Starbucks in a warm air conditioned office.

Got to admit I’m missing working for a living and esp. the people I worked alongside. I’ve decided to start this blog now to help me fill time… I’ve no intention of telling anyone about it (yet), so if you are reading this then well done you for finding me so soon!

So, what’s the 6th April? It’s the day I set off on my Overland trip from London to Sydney. It’s an organised trip. I’m not brave enough to do this in an old Land Rover on my own. It’s mainly wild camping with about 30 – 40 other people on a big orange lorry. I give it a 6 out of 10 for adventuricity. 1 being a weekend in Blackpool and 10 being Space Tourist.

So why now? Hmmm, that’s for another post.

What route? We’ll get to that later too.

How much is it costing? A lot, but less than you’d think. I’ll work it out and let you know.

How long? 8 months (for starters).

Why blog about it? Well for something to do now and en route. It’s mainly for my own edification, but also because I don’t wanna post updates to Facebook all the time.

(Edit 2019 – The feature pic? Me and Mom, before the off, she was a legend!)

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