Back Home… Suprise!

A few final reflections…

At the end of my time in New Zealand I was starting to get ready to come home and look for a job. Missed working – lots of people I’ve mentioned that to haven’t got what I meant…

The luxury of an extended period of time off work sounds great – and it is, mixed with a double measure of travel it’s a heady cocktail of enjoyment that can’t be easily beaten. To top it you’d need at the very least a portable, refrigerated cask of Landlord, a magic self-baking ever-lasting cheese cake and some dancing monkeys. Come to think of it I saw a fella in Bali who would sell you a dancing monkey…

But the grass is always greener, money doesn’t last forever and missing family, friends and some measure of routine is a draw home as well.

I flew home just before Christmas on the excellent Emirates, and was picked up from the airport 34 hours later by a couple of my bestest mates.

I had to laugh:

Heather : “did you have a good flight?”
Me : “yeah it was fine…”
Ash : “oh for Gods sake stop going on about that bloody trip!”

Fair point.

The trip finished as it had started. With a delicious meaty pie with a message on the lid:

Thanks Heather! This is the furthest I’ve ever travelled for a pie, and those who’ve seen my belly know I’ll clock up a few km’s for baked goods. Oooh dear, this also means that technically the pie I have fled furthest from was my mum’s the day before departure. Odd, cos’ I remember it being delicious!

Lounging on their couch I insisted I wasn’t tired and I wasn’t, I stayed up till at least 10pm with only a 4 hour power nap whilst the football was on. Mmmm sofa slobber.

Next day I was up and off home. I did have plans to film my arrival which was a surprise. To this end I still have the hand held footage of me approaching the door and ringing the bell. And ringing the bell again. Everyone was out! Typical!

Anyways here is the eventual vid of my surprised parents…

Right that is it. No more blogging about “that trip”. I do intend to keep this blog open for my own fun. I already have the twinkling of future adventure in mind and musing about it on here might make me get on and plan it….
On that note, if anyone has a battered estate car, £300+ for fuel, a tent and a self baking infinity cake, call me!

Forget ad infinitum et ultra, I prefer “I shall use my time” now:

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  1. Ronald Chevalier

    You had to show us those ‘feet’ one last time didn’t you!

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