Australia – Ul-ur-u…

…A-Ha! Nothing Promised, No Regrets! (to the tune of Abba’s Voulez Vouz) please.

Spectacular. Up at 3.30am for sunrise – well worth the early rise. The pics say it all. Not a lot for me to add. We hung around all day and did the sunset viewing as well. I circum-navigated the big monolith because the Aboriginal people don’t like people to climb it (although lots of people did).

One Scot on the trip kept hitting us with “Welcome to The Rock” (see 2:10) ala Sean Connery (he’s not so hard) in The Rock, which I though was great. No one else and I suspect most readers of this will know what I’m on about so follow the link…Only one of the Greatest Man Films, ever.

Looking forward to Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

[2019 Edit….reflecting back as I move this from a to hosting: People were still climbing Uluru when I visited, but I was pleased to see it finally banned in October this year…]

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