Australia – Sydney…

Made it. Not a lot to say about the big cities to get here. Adelaide was pretty. Melbourne chilled out and Sydney is big and bubbling. The arrival over the bridge and down to the opera house was perfect. A great finale to a monster bus ride totalling 44155km (about 27000 miles). Good times, bad times some great new friends and some absolute drongos, but that’s life right!?

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this twaddle as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. A great place to let off a bit of steam. For me, next is New Zealand, in about 5 days time. I’ll post a few pics on here when I get the chance. Then, oo-er, back to Work. Eek.

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  1. Loobee

    It’s been fab reading all your crap Chris, but even better seeing all the pics of your horrible feet!!!

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