Australia – Darwin…

Arrived in Darwin in the early hours. All my tent pegs were scrubbed clean of bush, mud and muck. But I was still worried when I was pulled aside and told they’d be going through my bags. Little did I know as I skipped past my companions I’d been pre selected for an easy ride, since the guy I spoke to in the wait for my bag had approved me already. A quick X-Ray and I was away. I waited outside as bags were opened and investigated at length for others on the trip. Hello Australia. The final leg. Just the Stuart Highway and the Great Ocean Road until Sydney….oh and 16 back to back bush camps…

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  1. Loobee

    Relax and enjoy Chris, watch out for the massive spiders x

    1. magic

      and the snakes! and the sun!! pleased you got there, but am going to miss these updates when they stop. Seems a long time ago since I saw you in Vienna. What a trip!!!

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