This is the first post since I told anyone about the blog.

So I’ll just reiterate why I’m doing it…

Firstly – I’m NOT hoping to sell rights to a movie (although if I did we can all agree either Clooney or more likely Depardieu plays me),

Secondly – I DON’T intend to write a book or have this serialised in the Holme Valley Chronicle or Sunday Times. It’s just for fun.

I wouldn’t mind if a few talented musicians saw me as inspiration for some folk songs that go on to be sung through the ages and used as the basis for a new civilisation. That would be acceptable.

I didn’t want to post updates to Facebook. Whilst I’ve enjoyed it for the last year a good number of my friends think it is evil tripe and others think it is pernicious*.

* – Well actually it’s my dad who thinks it’s pernicious – he is the only person I know who would use that word in everyday conversation!

Anyways : to be as clear as I can I AM NOT writing for any other reason than to amuse myself. If you like this twaddle, read on. If you don’t, then read off. That’s it. I now feel like I have protected myself from accusations of wannabe travel writer.

Until next time:

Ad Infinitum et Ultra!

(note to self from the Future (re-reading this in 2019, as part of the migration to a new web site, less of the latin!)

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