34 Bed Heaven & Istanbul

Tonight is Istanbul. The 34 bed dorm is heaven compared to last nights bush camp. Disgarded nappies, bad smells and wild dogs mixed with rain, rain and rain. After the perfect Bulgarian campsite I dubbed it “Camp Reality Check”. This is not a tour bus.

I navigated the bus into central Istanbul from c200km away, finding the bus park with only 1 small mistake. I am now confident I could get any vehicle, any place, any time. What a massive, sprawling city. What a terrible one way system. Adam the driver said to me – “we’re in this together mate… …unless you F!£& up!”. We don’t use GPS so my map reading skills got dusted off…it was all good in the end. Needed a beer though!

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  1. Loobee & Dean

    Is that your foot in that last photo? You were lying down when you took it!! Who’s gonna snap first then Chris???

  2. Tom-Tom the Piper's Son

    There’s a one-way system in Ronda Spain that begs to differ with your mad map reading skills.

  3. Heather

    Just catching up with all the blogging!

    Rhonda – quite posibly the funniest map navigating I have experienced! And that coupled with toe nail clipping made it a journey to remembered and laughed at for a long time.

    My tip Chris – Don’t navigate. But if you have to, don’t cut your toe nails at the same time!!

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