1st Beer & Cake

Belgium. Germany. Czech Republic. Master Brewing Nations.

So – How come my first booze came from Lidl and cost €1.69 for 6 x 500ml @ 4.9%? (beer fans will appreciate the detail) – warm and slighly heavy.

Also, I have a friend who says “people are basically good”. I tend to agree and received additional proof today.


Since I’ve quickly lost any shred of embarassment over language I am having a go as much as possible. Hey -if you can wear a hat like mine t’world is your lobster!

I asked for a sarnie in German just before we hit the CZR and when I followed up with a cake order Frau Garber (lovely lady, busty too, but it never would have worked out) dodged the small slice near her and gave me the double fat bastard reserved for special customers.

Good karma : try the language, wear a bad hat, smile and be rewarded with cinnamon-peanut-custard-cake in man portions.

People are basically good, or at the very least can spot a hungry cake efficianado!


Germany done. Now in Prague. Sightseeing tomorrow after first shower since London.

Not the stinkiest on trip. Sweet.


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  1. His Infernal Majesty

    Whoever the friend is who says ‘people are basically good’ stole it from the eBay philosophy – is it me? Sounds like something I would blag.

    Beer at those prices makes me think ‘I want to go to there!’ Proof, if proof be need be, that we live in rip-off Britain!

    Bring me some back, I’ll knock it off the phone bill.

    Mange tout

  2. Loobee

    Not the stinkiest????! That must be nice for ya. X

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